“Miss Toilet” shouting at AirAsia staff posted a 26 Minutes Apologies Video on Facebook.

Sabee Chin, a Malaysia model and social influencer, was on a flight back to Kuala Lumpur from Beijing, this incident happened when she decided to take a break to the toilet and dubbed as “Miss Toilet” by netizens.

The only problem was that the plane was just about to land. Sabee Chin was waking up in her nap and want to take a toilet break. After waiting in front of the locked door for quite a while, she approached a flight attendant to find out the toilet situation.

However, the attendant told her that passengers were not allowed to use the toilet when the plane was about to land according to Sin Chew Daily. The way and tone of attendant talk to Sabee had mess with her that become lit that fuse Sabee up. Sabee then take video of attendant and post it to Facebook.

In her now-deleted Facebook post, she also filmed herself shouting at the AirAsia staff.

On this issue, most of the netizen support Air Asia rather than her because there is not allowed to use the toilet while landing. While she initially re-shared articles on the issue, she had recorded a 27-minute video sharing for the explaining of the real situation.

In the video, she apologized but at the same time she stood by because the staff were too rude while handled this case. Sabee claimed her Chinese was not proficient which might have led to some misunderstanding in the initial post.

In fact, according to Sabee, she had first started the recording on the plane to gather evidence of the staff’s rudeness. This, according to Sabee, resulted in the attendant making a snatch for her phone.

The video ended by questioning the netizens attack her but why they did not try and teach her to become a better person instead of condemning her. But still, most comments were in attacking way and most commenters were still in a not forgiving mood.

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