MU Akan Sulit Konsisten Karena Pemain Muda

Few days ago, social Infleuncer and Malaysian model, Sabee Chin made a Facebook post complaining about the way she was treated onboard an AirAsia flight.

After that, she has posted a 27 MINUTES video on Facebook, explaining the situation and what happened on the plane. While she said she wanted to “apologies” for her actions, she also felt the need to explain herself and justify why she did what she did. If you ever watched this, click here to have more information on it. After 5 days from the 36 Minutes long video for explaining what happened that day, she made a Facebook live and again explaining what is “Actually happened” on that day for 36 minutes long.

“I’m stressed these days and I don’t even want to go out from my home to face public.”

Sabee Chin looks tired and depressed in the entire live video and told audiences on she knew the rules on flight while landing but she was suffered by gynecological disease that made her feel uncomfortable at intimate part. That is the real reason of why she was insisted to go toilet even the plane was descending.

“Only women will understand my feelings on the plane with this disease. I can just pray my medical report is good” said Sabee in tears.

She also shared her childhood life full of tears and strongly thanked her sister on supporting her throughout this hardship. At the same time, she demands netizen not to attack the people that support her, especially her sister.

Part of netizens show supported on her Facebook live and most of them shocked for her real reason for this incident.
At the end of her Facebook live, she mentioned will share her medical report once it releases and hope this case will soon end.
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