José Mário returned to the night with three gifts: red wine, applause and failure. Stab him the most, still Manchester United!

The Special One was not satisfied with the end result in his return to his former club’s stadium.
Jose Mourinho suffered his first loss as Tottenham’s boss, but he was not ready to leave Old Trafford without taking a slight dig at his former club.

So, was this defiant victory a sign that the Manchester United players still love Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, still have it in for Jose Mourinho – or somewhere in between? Specifically and literally, in midfield. It did feel like this 2-1 win ultimately came down to United’s superior central set-up as much as the resurgent Marcus Rashford’s brilliant form, as Solskjaer’s side just repeatedly surged through a flat and stale Tottenham Hotspur.

Two gifts before the game: red wine and applause, Jose Mourinho smiled

After returning to Old Trafford a year later, Mourinho is no longer the “The Red Devils Manager”, but the guest the coach of the visiting team. The Manager was replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjær. In order to fulfill the friendship of the host, Ole deliberately found Mourinho before the game and specially delivered a bottle of red wine.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær sent this valuable meeting gift to Mourinho, This was the first gift Mourinho received. When he stepped into Old Trafford, there was no hissing, no scolding, and all he heard was applause from Manchester United fans, just as he had returned here as a commentator twice. This is also a moving gift, just as Mourinho responded after the game: “The fans are kind, courteous and educated, which I can expect.”

Jose Mourinho received first match defeat “Big gift” ever.

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