Solskjaer announced in advance that Manchester United 7 people start! The main lineup of the UEFA Europa Cup has been determined, and 300,000 fans want to watch the game

Manchester United will play in the UEFA Europa Cup against Kazakhstan’s Astana on Thursday night. As the group stage has already qualified ahead of schedule, Solskjaer brought a youth team out. He also announced seven starters in advance, and the other four positions at the top of the main force also have no suspense.

The seven starting players announced by Solskjaer are veteran goalkeeper Lee Grant, right-back Ethan Laird, center defenders Di Shaun Bernard and Touan Zebi, left-back Luke Shaw, center Field Lingard and Levitt. James Garner, Angel Gomez, Zontasy and Mason Greenwood are also expected to start.

Therefore, Manchester United’s starting lineup will be 4231: Grant / Laird, Toanzeby, Bernard, Luke Shaw / Ghana, Levitt / Gomez, Lingard, Zontasy / Greenwood.

Solskjaer said at the pre-match press conference: “We performed well and entered the Round of 32 ahead of time after 4 rounds, which gave us the opportunity to play time for guys who need to play. Axel (Tuanzeby) Luke (Shaw) and Jesse (Lingard) have not played many games recently. In addition, this is also the first opportunity for Lao Lee (Grant) to start for the club for the first time. The opportunity for young players to play against adult opponents Rarely, only the League Cup, so in my opinion, this game is a great time for them to play together. Except for Lee, you will see Laird, Bernard and Levitt start, so you Will see many new people.

Of the 7 players named by Solskjaer to start, Laird, Bernard and Levitt will play for Manchester United’s first team for the first time, while 36-year-old Grant will join the club for the first time 18 months First, he also followed Suo Shuai to participate in the pre-match conference of Manchester United. . Grant’s only match for Manchester United was last season’s League Cup against Derby County. Sergio Romero was sent off by a red card. Grant said, “This game is of great significance to me personally and will be a A very proud moment, and the same for other teammates in the first show. “Grant said,” I am very looking forward, I have tasted the taste of playing Manchester United in the League Cup. After waiting for a long time, I finally have a second chance. I am really excited. Can’t wait to play. “

It is worth mentioning that although Manchester United sent a youth team, the battle for the UEFA Cup in Kazakhstan still attracts much attention. Astana’s home can only accommodate 30,254 people, but received 300,000 fans to buy tickets, hoping to watch the game live. This number set a record for Astana’s 10-year history. Although they have faced Benfica, the Celtics and Atletico in the UEFA Champions League, Manchester United is still the biggest team to play in Kazakhstan.

The source told the Daily Star: “We have never experienced such a grand event. Manchester United is one of the largest football clubs in the world. Astana is honored to fight the Red Devils. We have also experienced war , But did not reach the level of this game, the number of people applying for tickets is enough to fill the Astana Arena 10 times! “

Laird, Levitt and Bernard

For Solskjaer’s strike against Manchester United to play in the UEFA Europa Cup, Astana coach Roman Herrichochuk does not consider it to be disrespectful to the team: “I don’t think it is inappropriate Judging the vocabulary, we understand how far it is from Manchester United. And if you can play for Manchester United, it must be a high level player.

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