The final round of the Champions League’s four giants face life and death! Defending champion might be out.

The UEFA Champions League group stage has fought another round. Each of the giants team can be said to have mixed feelings. As of now, 8 teams have won the top 16 places, and the remaining 8 places will be generated in the final round. Of the four giants whose current prospects are uncertain, the defending champion Liverpool may even be out of the game; Inter and Dortmund compete for a seat, and the Inter must win Barcelona. Chelsea currently ranked third in the group with a goal difference,The final round is also a battle of life and death.

8 teams have advanced into last 16.

After the fifth round of the Champions League group stage, eight teams have won the group right, namely: Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Juventus, Barcelona and Leipzig Red Bull.

Of the eight teams, Paris, Bayern, Manchester City, Juventus and Barcelona have all secured the group first place. Real Madrid and Tottenham are in second place.

15 teams competing for 8 seats, Defending champion may be out.

In Group C, Shakhtar Donetsk have 6 points, Dinamo Zagreb has 5 points, and Atlanta has 4 points. All have opportunities to qualify.
In Group D, Atletico Madrid and Leverkusen compete for a qualifying spot.
Liverpool’s Group E is very complicated. Klopp’s team scored 10 points. Napoli scored 9 points. Salzburg Red Bulls scored 7 points. All three teams have the possibility of qualifying. It does not rule out defending champion Liverpool out. In the last round, Liverpool played against Salzburg, the competition between the two teams will be heated.
The competition in Group F was also very fierce. Barcelona locked the group with 11 points and Dortmund and Inter were both 7 points. In the final round, Inter must win Barcelona.
Looking at the situation in Group G, Leipzig Red Bull has scored 10 points and has already qualified in advance. Both Zenit and Lyon have 7 points, and the two teams compete for the last place.
In Group H, Ajax scored 10 points, and Valencia and Chelsea both scored 8 points. In the final round, Ajax and Valencia both must win, while Chelsea played against Lille, the three teams competed for two qualifying places.

From the above analysis, the Champions League is still very fierce. 15 teams will compete for the last eight qualifying places.

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